The Company

Icelanders are renowned for their determined spirit and their sense of adventure. They also know how to seek out the quiet spaces, to enjoy the silent beauty of the glaciers, the blue black mountains and emerald lowlands that are woven into their souls.

The Icelandic Tour Company has evolved over a quarter of a century, pursuing and reflecting those same qualities. Years of welcoming visitors to this very different world, of leading them toward the Iceland they have yearned for, has helped to create a company like no other.

The Icelandic Tour Company
Háabergi 29
221 Hafnarfjörður
Tel: +354 416 2900

SSN: 501204-3070
VAT#: 85099

An Outstanding Experience

We take great pride in our knowledge and passion for this land, in the private and personal service we offer, our 24hr availability and our long established network of connections. We can reach the best people and experienced, qualified guides for your needs. Unlike the big operators, we work with one guest at time, tailoring and delivering something very special. Your experience will be at the time, place and pace that suits you.

We are true Icelanders, we are at your service.

We are no ordinary tour company, but the bespoke tailor of inspired and individual journeys.